Friday, September 5, 2008

My little narcisit

Aunt Jean and I had a conversation awhile back about all the pictures we, as a society, take of our kids. Does seeing their images all the time make them narcissitic or more comfortable with themselves? It's not a question that will have difinative answer and I'm sure each kid will be different. Adelae LOVES to look at herself. It doesn't matter if it's in the mirror, a picture, the camera, or any reflective surface in general. She'll look at herself for a long time. She'll point at her reflection and proudly say "Adlae." She absolutely loves to look at the pictures on the camera. In fact, if she's crabby or cranky looking at pictures of herself will calm her right down. On the morning this video was taken, I had made the mistake of getting the camera and not letting her look at herself. It promptly cause a little bit of a melt down. Good mom that I am, I captured it on video.

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