Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The bat encounter

Ben and I were doing our normal routines last night. I was watching TV and he was checking one of his many fantasy sports teams online. Out of nowhere we see this thing flying through the living room. I scream as loud as I can and Ben falls to the floor while shouting "HOLY SH*T...IT'S A FREAKIN' BAT!!!" I was paralyzed with fear. People tell me bats are nothing to be afraid of, but they clearly have never had one zooming at them in the living room! After a call to Carol and Louie, we developed a plan of action to take down the bat. I was going to continue to lay on the couch with my head covered (I know I heard they can get tangled in your hair) and Ben was going to take care of it. Sounded like a good plan to me!

That's when we realized that the bat was nowhere to be found. I sent Ben on a search while I bravely stayed on the couch shouting encouragement. He found the bat in our spare room upstairs. He bravely prepared a box for the capture of the bat. After I put on a hat, I slowly tiptoed up the stairs to check out the bat. At this point, the phone rang and I gladly answered it! I felt that I had to go outside to get better reception..I swear! It had nothing to do with the creepy bat hanging from the spare bedroom walls! With a pounding heart and sweaty hands, Ben was able to trap the bat in a box and with my help, let it free.

If I never see another bat in my house, that will be just fine with me!


A. said...

That's hilarious! We had a bird in our house one time and Billy went after it with a tennis racket!

Ashylee said...

Better reception??? LOL You are too funny but i so would have done the same thing!