Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some people just shouldn't dance

I'm not a 'gamer.' I can't play video games for hours on end. First of all, I'm not very good at them. Second of all, they're just boring. But, I was the one who hounded Ben to buy the XBox Kinect. We love it. I love it because you have to get up and move. I love it because we can play it for hours and all enjoy it. I love it because it gets all of us up and active on these cold and dreary winter days.
I love having Kinect parties. I love that when I have Kinect parties, I can convince people that don't normally dance to dance. Like my brother and my husband. I also reserve the right to record anyone and everyone that dances. And then post that video on my blog. (Insert evil laugh here.) You'll have to excuse the quality on the last two videos. I took them with my cell phone.

Rumor has it that my sister in law has a video of my pathetic attempt at dancing on her phone. If that video ever surfaces I promise to post it, just so I can share in the humiliation.


Ashley T said...

Ben is hilarious! I have to see it in person. And I bet he is the best at it too.

Earthy Crunchy Mama said...

I love it! We are a video gaming family. I don't enjoy the 3-D ones but I love to play old school Mario with my 3 year old!

Amber said...

I would love to try this!