Friday, December 10, 2010

We had a first today!

Today was the first time I had to call poison control.

Brinna got ahold of the toothpaste while I was in the shower. I had it on the back of the sink, where I thought she couldn't reach. She either grew a few inches, has Go Go Gadjet arms, or she scaled the sink. Either way, she got it.

When i got out of the shower she proudly held the tube up and said "Mamma teef!" Or at least that's what i think she said.

I went into panic mode. Did she eat it? Did she fingerpaint the couch with it? How much did she eat? I smelled her breath......minty fresh. Crap.

So, I called the pediatrician. The told me to call poison control. After an obnoxiously long time on hold, the woman (nurse?)  assured me that Brinna would be fine. I was told to give her some milk and keep an eye on her. Thankfully she's fine.

I'm still not sure how she got that toothpaste, but I'll find a new place to keep it, that's for sure!

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Ashley T said...

Oh my! That would have totally scared me too! Good things she's alright!