Sunday, August 22, 2010

But he's my most favorite pet...

We live in the country. Part of living in the country is finding bugs in the house. This time of year, crickets are especially popular. Adelae and I found a HUGE cricket in the bathroom the other day. I should also mention that I'm a teeny bit afraid of crickets. (They're big, black and very hoppy. I can't squish them cause...well...ewwwww and I can't catch them because I'm petrified they're going to jump on me.) So, I made the mistake of telling Adelae that the cricket would be ok until Daddy got home. Somehow, in Adelae's mind, this translated into "You can keep the cricket as your pet." Ben found the offending cricket and put it outside. A meltdown ensued. Had I been able to find the camera, I would have caught the whole thing, but the camera was lost in the abyss of the kitchen table. Anyway...I had a nice conversation with Adelae about the whole thing. I did manage to catch that on video.

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Amber said...

I think it's awesome when you interview Adelae! Her most favorite pet! I love it!

I also can't believe how big Brinna is. She looks so independent in your video!