Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love my jammies!

I love pajamas. I'd wear them all day every day if I could, in fact sometimes I do! This usually results in some form of debate between my husband and I. He says that I let the kids (and myself) stay in jammies for way too long. I'll admit, most days it's 11:00 before we get dressed. Sometimes it's even after lunch (shhh..he doesn't know that). I see nothing wrong with it. It's not that we're unproductive while we're in our jammies. In fact, we do the same things in our jams that we in our clothes. To me, jammies are just comfy clothes. There's no real difference between sweats and pajamas, is there? If I "get dressed" by putting on clean pajama pants, does that mean that I'm not "dressed"?
When Ben is home, he likes to have the kids dressed by no later than 9:00. It doesn't matter if they get dressed just to watch cartoons (which they can do perfectly well in their jammies), they HAVE to get dressed. When Ben is home, I just get out clothes for the kids as soon as we get up it saves us the debate. I still don't agree with him though. I think if my kids and I are comfy and cozy in our jammies, then we should get to wear them as long as we want!
I know a lot of our difference of opinion comes from the type of people we are. He's much more of a morning person and I'm more of a night owl. I like to ease into my day one cup of coffee at at time and Ben prefers to charge into the morning. We've learned to adapt to each other. Except for the debate on the pajamas!
So, what do you do? Are you a morning person? Do you like to ease into your morning? Do you wear your jammies all morning or get dressed right away? Is it ok for the kids to wear their jammies all morning?


Amber said...

I am not a morning person. At all. If I could pick, I'd definitely prefer a second-shift schedule. Up around 10-11, bed around 2-3.

Anyway, the second I get home from work, I put on comfy clothes, usually a T-shirt and yogi-y pants. On days I don't work, I could wear that all day. On days I don't work or have company coming over, I will wear that until I have to go somewhere. Some with BB. I don't dress him unless we're going out or someone is coming over. I don't see the point.

Ashley T said...

I am not a morning person. And i hate being up so early for work. On the weekends, if we don't have plans, we don't get dressed. I may not shower til 2 in the afternoon. I don't even care. LOL