Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When You Have No Sled

Ben has some great memories of sledding at the Paulding Reservoir when he was a kid. He remembers him and his siblings loading up in the car and sledding for hours. He was so excited to take Adelae sledding this year. We were all set to go, till we realized that we didn't have a sled! Ben's spirits were crushed! If you know Ben at all, you know he is great at improvising. After the last big snow fall we had, my Dad came and plowed our driveway. Ben decided to take advantage of the big piles of snow and make some slides for Adelae. I'm not sure the process that went into it, but knowing Ben it was elaborate. Of course, he couldn't just stop at one slide! He made her three! A little one, a medium one and a big one. Needless to say, she had an absolute blast playing on them. On the days that these videos were taken the temperature was hovering at about 20* and it was very windy. Ben's plan was to take her out for about 10 minutes, I think it turned into at least 30! I was assured that they had a blast and got very warm immediately after coming inside.

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Ashylee said...

i wanna play on that! She looks like she had fun.