Monday, January 19, 2009

Ear Piercing

I've debated long and hard about getting Adelae's ears pierced. I know a lot of people get them done when their little girls are infants, but I decided that wasn't for us. Then Ben decided that Adelae should be old enough to ask for them. Well, I don't think he counted on our little girl being such a smarty pants. About two months ago she started looking at my earrings (or ear pretties as she calls them) and asking if she could "have that." I was convinced! Ben wasn't quite so convinced. It took me almost a full two months, but I finally did it. I think the proverbial straw was when Adelae looked at him with those big blue eyes and said "Please Daddy? Please pretties? Pretty please?" So, on the off chance that he would change his mind, I call Adelae's Nana and off we went!
Adelae did really really good. She was a little nervous at first, then she cried, but that only lasted for about a minute. As soon as she saw herself in the mirror, she was fine. Now every time she passes a mirror, she has to stop and look at her pretties. Then she says "Adelae got one!" Pretty cute stuff!

Before--Not sure what's going on.

During--Just a short little video

After--She got a certificate for being so brave!

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Ashylee said...

OMG i love it! She looks like she had a good cry but she wasn't crying for long cause of her "pretties". its so cute!

Tell her Hayden said hi!