Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning

I was SO incredibly excited for Christmas this year. It's the first year that Adelae could actually understand what's going on. We went WAY overboard on her presents! I'm told that's to be expected ;) We wrote a note to Santa, put out cookies and milk and waited until she was sleeping on Christmas Eve to put out presents and fill stockings. I was really expecting her to come down Christmas morning and be amazed at all the presents. So, as soon as she woke up, Ben and I grabbed her up and RAN down the stairs. We were both saying "Look Adelae! Look! Santa came!" Her response? "Huh? What? Tired..." She wasn't quite as excited as we were!

Opening presents was a different story...sort of. She was really into the first couple. Then she decided she was all done opening. I think since she got her books first, she thought all the presents were books! So, we had to stop and read a few, which was fine because Mommy forgot to charge the camera battery! Once she started opening the toys, she got a little more excited. Again, we had to open each toy, then play with it for awhile before we could move onto the next one. All in all it was a wonderful Christmas morning and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Inspecting her golf clubs

Playing with her new "tart"

The BIG present...her kitchen
the kitchen

As always, I took a ton of pictures. You can see all of them at http://ftwaynecollinses.shutterfly.com/ Ben also took quite a few videos. I'm having a bit of trouble getting them to upload, so I'll post them in a separate blog.

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