Friday, December 7, 2007

Sick again

We took Adelae to see a pediatric Ears Nose and Throat specialist. He was really great and answered a lot of our questions. He did say that her ears look great. No fluid or enflamed eardrums, which is great news. He also said that her tonsils look great, but he did recommend that we have her checked by her doctor the next time she got sick. He did say that he believes she may have large adnoids. He recommended that we have them removed at some point. They are most likely the cause of her restless sleep and mouth breathing. We had planned to wait until after her 1st birthday to have the procedure done. Of course, the next day she got sick again. So, I'm taking her to her regular doctor today. I really don't want another round of a two month cold. I'm hoping that he'll actually give her an antibiotic this time. If this cold hangs on like the last one did, we'll be doing her surgery earlier than we had expected. I know having your adnoids out is really no big deal, but it's still a little scary. I had hoped to have her tonsils out at the same time. It's so hard to watch her suffer. The poor little thing can barely breath or eat. This leads her to be incredibly fussy and clingy. She winds up sleeping with us at night which leads to not a lot of sleep for any of us. This makes for some very long days. It breaks my heart to see her like this. So, keep your fingers crossed that everything will work out ok.

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