Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Valentine

I know that Adelae’s birthday was almost a week ago (Feb 14 to be exact) and we did lots of great stuff to celebrate. It just never seems like her birthday until we have her party. She was even a bit confused.


It always amazes me how much my kids grow and change in one short year. I always get a bit nostalgic. I pull out the baby pictures, the videos of their first steps, first words, first time eating baby food, first day of school…all that good stuff that makes us parents think “Crap. People really were right when they said to cherish every moment because they’re only little once.” I look at my giant child compared to the baby she was and I get a little panicky.


This last year Adelae has changed so much. She has grown so much physically, of course, but that’s not what astounds me. It’s her brain that blows me away almost daily. And she’s just so nonchalant about it. The other day she says to me “So, I can read now.” Like it was no big deal. A few days later she says to me “Hey Mommy, guess what. I can do  math now. I did addition with Daddy and I got them all right with out his help.” Ummm…what?! Reading?! Addition?! Isn’t that suppose to wait until 1st grade? Or, at the very least, Kindergarten? And her imagination is really something to behold. Her and Brinna will play Barbies for hours. Literally hours. And her heart is as big as they come. She can often be heard offering to give her toys to her little sister. Not loan, give. Sometimes it’s a ploy to get another toy, but most of the time it’s a genuine act of generosity. When she wrote her birthday list she added a few things for Brinna on there as well.

There are are times when she is most definitely still just a little kid. Like when she bawls because she has to go to bed, or she can’t watch 5 movies in a row. She’s still really shy around adults and kids she doesn’t really know. She hates to clean up. Normal kid stuff. But on the whole? I’m pretty sure she’s the best kid ever. I might be a little biased though.


She makes my heart melt all the time. I feel like I must be a pretty good Mom to have such a great kid. Nothing makes a Mother feel more validated than when your 5 year old climbs in your lap, lays her hands on your face and says “Don’t worry Mommy. You can still snuggle me even when I’m 5.”


A birthday post wouldn’t be complete with out a few photos, of course.







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Foursons said...

Happy 5th Birthday sweet girl! I love her dress, do they make those in grown-up size? I love that you are still allowed to snuggle her. *whew*