Friday, July 2, 2010

Letters of Intent


Dear Contacts:

I don't understand you. I take care of you. I change you every 30 days(give or take a few), I don't sleep in you, I make sure to clean you each and every night. Why oh why do you insist on sticking to my eyeball like you were put in with super glue? Why? Why do you insist on making most of my days miserable. Why? I don't understand. According to my eye doctor, you're the best on the market. I'm contemplating just going back to wearing my glasses. And I really really hate my glasses. I'll give you one more opportunity before I chuck you forever. Please oh please oh please don't make me go back to wearing my glasses. Please?

One who does not look good in glasses.

Dear adorable 3 year old daughter,

I love you very much. You'll always be my first born and my baby. Always. Now, let's talk about the hunger strike you're apparently on. I just want you to eat. You don't have to eat very much, just enough to survive. I would really appreciate it if you would do it with no tears and screaming. The crying and screaming are getting REALLY old. Really. I don't have much sanity left and you're stealing it meal by meal. I'm pretty sure if this continues, Mommy's going to wind up in the loony bin saying "Just eat your food. Please. Just eat your darn food! If you don't eat, you're going to bed." Over and over and over.

Mommy's about to snap

Wait...what's that? Hmm...apparently I already say that over and over again. Well, now I'm wondering, do you think I could nap in the loony bin? And I bet they don't make you cook or clean either right? And my family could probably come visit once in awhile right? So, in reality it's like a vacation. Maybe I could even afford one of those fancy spa places. Ya know..where the celebs go to "rest." Actually, it's sounding better and better............


Foursons said...

Bwahahahahaa- yes one of those places the stars go to "rest" sounds perfect! And I bet they have a solution for your contacts problem too. Like free Lasix or something.

Thanks for linking up!

Ashley T said...

what kind of contacts are you using? That sucks a lot! I use acuvue advance and never had a problem.. I even *ahem* forget to take them out and sleep in them and they're fine. They are 2 weeks and my doc said to wear them as long as they are comfy. I would try those before chucking them!

Hehe.. Hayden went through it too. Hopefully it will be over soon!

H2 said...

...what are Letters of Intent?

Amy said...

Ha Ha Ha! I often wonder if a looney bin is as bad as people think! I bet it is nice and quiet in that big padded room! And what a nice vacation it could be! LOL

My daughter is 2 and is on the hunger strike as well. It is getting better, but I am tired of sending her to bed hungry! She wants to eat the SAME THING DAY AFTER DAY!!!!!! UGH!!!! Don't worry I'm sure your little one will be fine. Kids are so unpredictable! I hope she gets through with it soon for your sanity!

Amy said...

Cute blog by the way ;-)

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness - do we live in the same household?!?! My kiddo is on that hunger strike thing too (except for strawberries and peanutbutter sandwiches... but the kid is gonna start growing berries out of his ears if he doesn't start eating something else soon).

And sticky contacts are no fun! I'm the opposite though - I look worse without glasses! Hoping your contacts decide to behave soon!