Monday, July 21, 2008

The fruit, or vegetables, of my labor.

When we moved to the country I was so excited to be able to plant a garden. One trip to Maine's and we had more plants than we knew what to do with. As I stared at this big patch of dirt in my backyard, I realized I had NO idea what I was doing. I've never actually had a garden of my own. So, I was sort of confused. I knew the plants had to go in the ground, but where were they suppose to go? How much room should I leave? It was all very confusing. Then I remembered, Aunt Carol..gardener professional. Well, sort of anyway. She always has the best gerdens. So, I enlisted her help to plant all these things I had bought. A few hours later we had planted 6 heads of cabbage, two rows of onions, a row of lettuce, 4 pepper plants, 4 cucumber plants and 12 (yes 12!) tomato plants. She told me to keep it watered and weeded and everything would be fine. I had my doubts. I have killed every houseplant I've ever had. So, armed with Grandpa's old hoe, I set to work taking care of my garden.

Right after we planted on 6-18-06

Wouldn't you know it! She was right! I have been very dilligent in taking care of my little plot of land. I've found it to be wonderfully relaxing. I went out yesterday to weave my cucumber plants in the fence and I saw a cucumber! Upon further inspection, I found tomatoes! Hooray! I've managed to grow food! Adelae had a good time inspecting the garden with me. Here are some great pictures I took yesterday.

Taken on 7-20-08



How much rain did we get?
How much rain did we get?

Checking out the cabbage

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A. said...

I would love to have a garden! Good job!